Reimbursem*nt Accounts (2024)

Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024
Reimbursem*nt Accounts (11)

Now your people can save and feel secure with strategic cost-saving reimbursem*nt accounts.

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Putting money aside for now or what’s to come matters to your people. And your benefits strategy. Our suite of reimbursem*nt accounts supports healthcare, child care, transportation, education costs and more — the things your people want now and your next talent is looking for.

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Here’s the Challenge

Premiums keep skyrocketing

As healthcare and other costs rise, employees fear out-of-pocket spending. You want to protect them with competitive benefits while managing costs yourself.

Here’s how we solve it

Help people find their balance

You need a simple reimbursem*nt account solution that actually saves and supports your benefits plan.

Turn spenders into savers

Educational resources communicate the value of an HSA or FSA, so your people know the power behind their reimbursem*nt options.

  • Lifestyle accounts
  • Health savings accounts
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health reimbursem*nt accounts
  • Dependent care accounts
  • Adoption assistance
  • Commuter benefits plans
  • Tuition assistance
Reimbursem*nt Accounts (12)

Strategize your healthcare spend

Together we find which reimbursem*nt accounts are the right fit, ensuring employee adoption and amplifying your benefits investment.

Reimbursem*nt Accounts (13)

Employ one platform

Multiple logins, a multitude of vendors – leave it behind. All of your accounts integrate into the Alight platform – enabling a simple user and payment experience for employees and stronger spending insights for you.

More of what's possible with Alight Smart-Choice Accounts®

For employers

Ensure your people have funds to cover important life expenses with an innovative payment solution and benefits platform in one. Leverage insights that improve business decision making and deliver on employee expectations even if healthcare plans change.


  • Consolidate vendors
  • Increase adoption and use of various accounts
  • Track spending trends on analytics dashboard
Reimbursem*nt Accounts (14)

For employees

Give your people help setting aside funds for current and future needs right when they need them. They get access to reimbursem*nt accounts along with enrollment, benefits and customer care all with a single sign on, anytime, anywhere.


  • One debit card and login for all account details
  • Real-time transactions and claims processing
  • Free library of resources, calculators
Reimbursem*nt Accounts (15)

Customer story

Reimbursem*nt Accounts (16)

Driving value to a workforce — deploying integrated benefits for H-E-B

Alight is dedicated to providing better benefits support and options to H-E-B’s 100,000 strong workforce through solutions like Smart-Choice Accounts and benefits administration.

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Reimbursem*nt Accounts (17)

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Reimbursem*nt Accounts (18)

Alight Total Health

A comprehensive health benefits solution with guaranteed ROI.

Reimbursem*nt Accounts (19)

Benefits Administration

Administer benefits and boost wellbeing at enrollment and throughout the year.

Reimbursem*nt Accounts (20)

Healthcare Navigation

Guide your people to the right care and savings from the start.

Reimbursem*nt Accounts (21)

Stay on top of regulations and avoidable expenses, even as things change.

Reimbursem*nt Accounts (2024)


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