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Pokemon Infinite Fusion has been growing in popularity recently for different horizons. This game works on a traditional formula that adds a unique twist. Players can fuse other Pokemon to create new, hybrid creatures.

The most significant part of this gameplay is EXP Share, and Infinite Fusion is also no exception. We will narrate an article to provide a more detailed overview of this EXP share. We will cover most queries for the topic concerned and how it works within the game.

Here is a screenshot of where to get Pokemon Infinite Fusion EXP Share.

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Let’s find out the details provided in the section below.

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What is the EXP Share?

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Let’s begin with the most basic approach; what is the EXP Share?

In any Pokemon game, the EXP Share is an item that allows Pokemon in a player’s party to gain experience points even if they didn’t participate in a battle.

This makes it easier for players to level up multiple Pokemon at once instead of constantly switching out Pokemon during battles to ensure they all get experience.

How Does It Work?

In Pokemon Infinite Fusion, the EXP Share works in much the same way. However, there are a few key differences that players should be aware of.

  • First, the EXP Share in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an essential item that can’t be sold or discarded. Once players receive the EXP Share, they will have it for the rest of the game.
  • Additionally, the EXP Share in Pokemon Infinite Fusion can simultaneously be used on every Pokemon at a player’s party. This means players can level up all their Pokemon evenly without worrying about which Pokemon participated in battles.
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How to Get EXP Share?

Players must complete a quest to get the EXP Share in Pokemon Infinite Fusion. This quest can be started by;

  • Speaking to a character in the game named Professor Pine.
  • Professor Pine will ask players to collect a set number of Pokemon to help her with her research.
  • Once players have collected the required number of Pokemon, they can return to Professor Pine and receive the EXP Share as a reward.

Once players have the EXP Share, they can use it by selecting it from their essential items menu. The EXP Share will then be activated, and all Pokemon in the player’s party will begin receiving experience points from battles.

Additionally, players should note that the amount of experience points each Pokemon receives will be reduced when the EXP Share is active. This is because the experience points earned in battle are split between all Pokemon that participated and any Pokemon with the EXP Share activated.

Role and Functioning of Experience Points

Experience points (XP) play a crucial role in the function of the EXP Share item in Pokemon games, including Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Experience points are earned by participating in battles and defeating opposing Pokemon. When a Pokemon reaches enough experience points, it levels up, increasing its stats and potentially learning new moves.

It is necessary for leveling up Pokemon in Pokemon games. The EXP Share allows all Pokemon in a player’s party to receive experience points from battles, making it easier to level up multiple Pokemon simultaneously.

Additional Strategies for EXP Share

Players can use a few strategies for the EXP Share in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

  • One popular strategy is to use the EXP Share to level up weaker Pokemon quickly. By giving the weaker Pokemon the EXP Share and having them participate in battles alongside stronger Pokemon, players can quickly level up the weaker Pokemon without putting them in danger.
  • Another strategy is to use the EXP Share to level up multiple Pokemon at once. By having all Pokemon in a player’s party equipped with the EXP Share, players can ensure that every Pokemon gains experience points at the same rate. This can be useful for players who like to switch out their Pokemon frequently or who want to keep a large team of Pokemon at a similar level.
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EXP Share and Success

EXP Share in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is not a guarantee of success. While it can make leveling up Pokemon easier, players will still need time and effort to train them properly.

Additionally, there may be better options than the one for every player or every situation. Users should experiment with different strategies to find the best way to use them or their play style.

Final Statement

Overall, the EXP Share is a valuable item that can help players level up their Pokemon quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokemon player or new to the franchise, the EXP Share is important and will help you seek productive results. We hope that you find the content above worthy as per your interest and requirement.

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Pokemon Infinite Fusion EXP Share - PIFC (2024)


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