Defined Contribution and 401K (2024)

Alight named by Fortune as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ in 2024
Defined Contribution and 401K (11)

We set your people on the right path to a secure financial future.

Plan now, relax later

Financial security is about more than just retirement savings — it impacts your people’s entire wellbeing and career. We make sure your defined contribution plan sets the course for a secure financial future with support every step of the way.

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Here’s the Challenge

401(k) plans are complicated

Your 401(k) plan can overwhelm employees with so many different ways to invest. Despite your best efforts to help, participants are either unhappy with the plan or not using it at all.

Here’s how we solve it

Make it feel simple

We offer unbiased, uncomplicated options and advice so your people have a clear understanding and feel confident in their investment choices.


Our digital platform makes work and life easier. Your people can confidently make decisions about their retirement plan, and you can see how financially fit your workforce is with rich, up-to-the-minute reporting and benchmarks.


Most people need guidance to plan for the future. Our suite of tools and support includes financial wellness advice from licensed independent experts and helps employees with everything from contributing to their 401(k) plans to budgeting for a new home.


We know everyone has a different financial situation. That’s why we use evidence-based, independent solutions that produce outcomes, are measurable, and most importantly, put your people’s needs first on their retirement journey.

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For employers

The insights we’ve gained from 40 years of experience have made us the largest independent defined contribution recordkeeper in the U.S. We use our expertise to support the long-term financial health of your people and set your organization up for success.


  • Open architecture platform supports a full range of investment options
  • Industry-leading thought leadership and trend reporting
  • Deep experience in non-qualified and qualified plan design and strategy
  • Data security for your human capital
Defined Contribution and 401K (12)

Extra help is always available

Our financial wellbeing solution offers one-on-one education and planning services from licensed advisors for employees of every age and every financial stage.

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Defined Contribution and 401K (13)

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Defined Contribution and 401K (14)

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Defined Contribution and 401K (15)

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Defined Contribution and 401K (16)

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Defined Contribution and 401K (17)

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Defined Contribution and 401K (2024)


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