Brown Stew Pork Shoulder Recipe (2024)



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If you can't find scotch bonnet peppers at your grocer, try a habanero. Jalapeno and serrano peppers are much milder than scotch bonnets, and they are grassy versus fruity, so the habanero is as better choice.


Is there another milder pepper to replace the Scotch Bonnet without sacrificing the flavor? Too many heat sensitive folks in this house.

Terri H.

I'm allergic to pork specifically, but the flavour profile sounds amazing. Would beef or poultry work well with this?


Turned out great in the slow cooker. Seared the meat and cooked the onions/garlic and transferred all to the slow cooker. Cooked for 6 hours (would’ve down 8/low but didn’t have enough time) and turned out great. Only substitution was a jalapeño for the scotch bonnet.


This recipe is hands-down the best I've ever cooked from NYT! I suggest augmenting all spices and alliums: the aroma and flavors were spectacular.

James A

For anyone nervous about the scotch bonnet…. leave it whole so that it flavors but does not raise the heat much. delicious.

Pam Tulchinsky

Can I substitute beef for the pork?


On tasting this recipe before serving I thought that it needed some tartness. I added a good splash of lime juice and served it over brown rice. Delicious!

Kurt P

I thickened the gravy with 3T corn starch cold water slurry and served with basmati rice.

Karl H.

Loved it. In the future I'm going to use an herb bag to hold the roughly-chopped thyme. (I was picking twigs out of mouth throughout the meal). I would put the bay leaves and chili in there too. It was also a bit sweet for my taste. I'll probably leave out the brown sugar or the ketchup next time.I like Kurt P.'s idea of thickening the broth. . . that would be a nice touch.


IMO: yes, it'll work in the IP but I highly recommend doing all the sauteing on the stove - the IP isn't very good for that. I'd set it to 20 minutes, which would effectively be about an hour cooking time. Just remember to halve the liquids when using an IP.


Aji Dulce has the flavor but not the heat


8 servings?! Maybe if you’re not too hungry.


I don't eat pork, beef, veal or lamb. Would cubed chicken or shrimp work here?


Wonderfully deep and complex flavor. Absolutely will make again - may add sliced sweet potatoes next time. I used a small habanero and added a couple of teaspoons of a fantastic chili oil I get from a restaurant in LA (Kismet, for those of you in/near Silver Lake). The smell in the kitchen was wonderful! I picked up sweet plaintains at a Cuban restaurant which was a nice accompaniment along with rice but I found the green onions unnecessary. Perfect dish for a rainy day!


Too sweet, too salty.

Janice Z

Love this recipe however I grabbed a habanero pepper by mistake as it looks very similar to a scotch bonnet. Super hot! So be careful! I used some jalapeño the next time and it was great

Habeneros make this stew deliciously spicy!

Had inadvertently been using serrano instead of scotch bonnet peppers. Stew was good but missing something. Switched to habanero….soooooooo good!


Great recipe, indeed. But definitely do not brown in an enameled pan - steel of cast iron work well and then transfer for the slow braise.


Loved this…will make again and again. One if the best I’ve tried from this site


Pork shoulder is such a great stew meat that you could use it in any stew recipe & it would be delicious. I made this mostly according to the recipe, but after reading notes, I left out the brown sugar to keep it from being too sweet. Served it over rice. There’s no way it makes 8 servings. I’d say 4.


I’ve made this twice and both times it was delicious. But browning the meat ruined my enameled Dutch oven the first time; the second time I used a cast iron skillet, which you kind of can’t ruin, but it took a lot of scraping and scrubbing to get that cooked on crust off. I think this must be due to the brown sugar? Has anyone else had this problem? Any tips? Thx!


I made this almost exactly according the recipe, which is unusual for me. I did use a habenero rather than the scotch bonnet because it looked fresher. At the end, I added some cooked barley, which I think was a great addition. It wasn't spicy at all, more sweet, but that's what I like. I don't think I'd use so much carrot the next time. And I might add hot sauce. I gave some to my neighbors and they liked it too. It is even better the second day!

Charlie P

For my heat sensitive household I used a single large Jalapeño instead of Scotch Bonnet (also not available where I live). The result was great and loved by the family. A nice heat that seemed to build to just the right note. Really great recipe and will be added to repertoire of winter dinners.


Tom didn't season with salt and pepper at the end as I thought he would, so no wonder it ate a little sweet at first. Better with salt and pepper.


My husband really enjoyed the flavors of this dish, and I enjoyed its ease of preparation. Scotch bonnets not being readily available in my area, I used another reader’s suggestion of habaneros. Also, not wanting to leave my gas stove on for a few hours, I followed another reader’s option of using a crockpot. Six hours on low worked well.


Made it without the scotch bonnet since my little one can’t do spicy and the family really enjoyed it. The only downside of pork shoulder is that it’s a really fatty cut and there was a large layer of fat at the top that needs to be skimmed.


This is so delicious! Meat was nice and tender after ~2 hour simmer. Made as described except couldn’t find scotch bonnet so used a jalapeño- broth definitely had a kick and it got more spicy as we were eating our bowls. Also didn’t have ketchup; used Hank’s Hot Sauce and some tomato paste. Really nice with a piece of crusty bread; plantains would be terrific!

NYC Cook

This was easy, complex, and soul-satisfying. I couldn’t find shoulder so I used butt and chose a Serrano pepper when I couldn’t snag a habanero. There was virtually no heat, so I’ll plan ahead next time and get the right chile. I agree with others about the cornstarch flurry. That was key, although even with that, the stew is begging to be served on top of rice or smashed potatoes. I doubled the recipe and I’m glad I did. Leftovers will warm up these cold January days.

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Brown Stew Pork Shoulder Recipe (2024)


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